Sidebar Restrictions

Sidebar Restrictions


Hide Sidebar by Page Title

Click on “Add Rule” button, it will open add widget rule page.
Enter below information for creating a Sidebar Rule.

      • Enter Rule Name, Name should be unique.
      • Select sidebar from select sidebar drop-down
      • Select Action On from drop-down
      • Select action from select action drop-down
      • Select rule criteria from add rule section

Select required sidebar and action as hide. From the Add Rule section select the Page Title for which you would like to hide the sidebar.

Here is the created sidebar rule, details of the created rule for sidebar is shown below.

Replace Sidebar by Home Page (Page Title)

Selected sidebar is replaced when Page Title is equal to Home Page.

Replace Sidebar by Geo Location

Selected sidebar will replace when country is equal to India.

Show Sidebar by Request URL

Selected sidebar only appear when URL is equals to entered URL.

Replace Sidebar by User Role

Selected sidebar will replace when used role is equals to subscriber.

Replace Sidebar by City and User Role (An example of Advanced Rule)

Plugin is very flexible for creating complex rules like replace the sidebar when city is Washington and user role is Subscriber.
We can also group the rules by logical conditions (AND and OR). Similarly we can create Sidebar and Widget rules with 37 different options and with any combination.